Big Sur Dhurrie Rug

Big Sur Dhurrie Rug

This amazing indigo dhurrie rug is just slightly larger than 4'x 6' 

size: 48 x 75.5 inches (does NOT include fringe) 

100% cotton

*Please allow a 2-3 week turnaround as all our dhurrie rugs are handwoven. All made start-to-finish in a fair trade environment.

* India

We recommend using a rug pad to reduce wrinkles and slippage.

Story Behind the Art

Dhurries are made manually by skilled artisans on a traditional horizontal loom or vertical loom. The dhurrie is a woven floor-covering that started out as a humble version of the carpet. It is often utilized as a floor mat, but it could also be used as the bottom lining of bed covering.

Unlike a carpet which is made by knotting or tufting fibres into a warp, a dhurrie is made by hand weaving or interlacing vertical and horizontal threads. It has no pile or backing, so it’s reversible and lightweight .

$ 480.00