Throw - Vintage Tzute Textile

Throw - Vintage Tzute Textile

Vintage tzute textile from the 70's

approximate size: 63 x 53





Story Behind the Art

The tzute is a multipurpose woven cloth that comes in a variety of sizes. Women can be seen using these functional heavy-duty textiles for carrying babies, covering baskets of food, head coverings for church or to avoid the bright sun, or as a simple shawl for when the weather is cooler. They are often carried over the arm until needed.

The tzutes are generally woven on a backstrap loom and are made of one or two panels. There is stitching that joins the two panels, the randa. Sometimes this stitching is very decorative with flourishes done either by hand stitching or machine work, and sometimes this stitching is very simple, solely for function.

Men also will carry tzutes for formal or religious occasions. Theirs are of a slightly different design, and frequently have embellishments such as tassels or ribbons on the corners. Tzutes have many of the geomorphic decorations similar to those seen in the huipiles, and their town can frequently be recognized by their patterns or colors.

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