Handmade Leather VW Bug Toy Bank

Handmade Leather VW Bug Toy Bank

Hand-crafted of cruelty-free leather (from animals who died naturally), this lovable little volkswagon is a vibrant reminder that saving money doesn't have to be boring.

*This piece is imperfect. It's what makes it unique, and ultimately, authentic. 

*Fair Trade


Material: Cruelty-free leather

Dimensions 7.5" W x 3" H x 1.375" D

Story Behind the Art:

This leather is tanned with vegetable ingredients found in vegetable matters, tree bark and other sources. Cutters cut the leather into different parts as per the product and design specified. After the leather pieces are dried the touchers do the coloring on the embossed patterns. Glazing smooths the uneven surface of the leather. It is a process where the leather pieces are pressed by a glass ball fitted on to a machine. Nearly 200 artisans stay in our own production house and they are provided with food and lodging. They work in a very healthy condition from Tuesday to Saturday.

$ 30.00